4 games in 5 days

One of the drawbacks of playing in the minor leagues is the schedule which, unlike the schedule in the NHL, tries to fit in as many games in on the weekend.  That results in a few 3 games in 3 days sprinkled in throughout the schedule, throw in a game on Wednesday and you got yourselves 4 games in 5 days.  In the past 3 years in college we had 2 instances in which we had 3 games in 3 days, both playoff series.  The difference between those 3 games in 3 days was that all 3 games were in one location, no travel involved.  Here is a little itinerary of the past 5 days for us.  We start off by playing at home on Wednesday night, the next day, thanksgiving we practice in the morning, head to Pastor Dick’s church where we were treated to a wonderful thanksgiving meal and get on the bus heading to Rochester.  After that 4 hour trip we get in the hotel, get up on friday, practice, play Rochester at night, get back on the bus and get into our beds back in Wilkes Barre around 2:30 a.m.  We play at home saturday night, then sunday we get back on the bus headed to Hershey to finish off the weekend.  It doesn’t make it easier when the games don’t go as well as we hoped.  The number of movies watched during a season on the bus probably stretches into the hundreds.  The rookies are in charge of bringing the movies for every trip, and it’s not easy to make everyone happy.  A good bus movie usually is something that makes everyone laugh, or a good action movie.  Movies that you have to pay attention and get into usually don’t cut it on the bus.

To respond to a few of the comments, Matt I know I hated the Terriers as well when I played at NU but now that I have a couple of them on my team, it’s fun to talk hockey east hockey and reminisce about those days, as well as keep up on how our teams are doing.  Also it has been good to play with John Curry because he kind of has gone about things the way I am starting.  He played college, came to Wilkes Barre and is now excelling so I can learn from what he has gone through. 

And also wanted to say thanks to Kenny and Steven for the comment!  Hope you guys are doing well, always had fun working with you guys in Penticton.


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