back to try it again

All right so it has been just over 2 months since I have put in an entry on the ol blog and it’s about time to start it up again.  With it being my first year being a pro, going through my first NHL training camp and playing in the American Hockey League here in Wilkes Barre a lot has taken place.  I have admittedly done a terrible job of keeping up on my writing here, which I had said I would keep up.  So I am back to try it again and be a little more diligent at putting in posts on a consistent basis.  

It definitely has been a learning experience going from playing college hockey to playing professionally.  The rigors of college hockey, getting up and going to class, heading to the rink to practice, then heading home to catch up on homework or head to study hall are no longer present.  Now we get up, head to practice, then figure out which movie to go to or video game to watch.  Okay it’s not really like that all the time but there is definitely a lot more down time playing pro hockey.  It’s not college or junior hockey now though, this is our job and we have to make wise decisions and give ourselves the best possible chance to succeed on the ice, which was also the case at other levels but now this is it, no class, no homework.  It’s an adjustment trying to find the balance to everything.  Riding the bus also occupy’s a lot of time as it is no longer the luxury of playing in Hockey East and the looong 2 hour bus ride to UMass now seems like a dream.  

I’m looking forward to talking more about what goes on during our bus trips around the eastern seaboard, what different things we do as a team to keep things light during an 80 game season, and what it is like to play in the American Hockey League compared to college. 

Before I end this post I’d also like to mention that I have had a number of NU Husky fans come up to me at a few of our games close to boston and talk to me about how the team is doing and what not.  Always enjoy seeing fans of the Huskies and I always make sure I check the box scores to see how the team is doing.  We have a friendly rivalry on our team going between the 2 huskies, myself and Joey Vitale and the hated Terriers Brian Strait, John Curry and assistant coach John Hynes, and right now Joey and I have had the upper hand, hopefully that continues!


6 Responses to “back to try it again”

  1. Congrats on your first win Brad. I’m sure their will be many more to come. What is it like sharing the net with John Curry? As an NU fan I hated him, but as a hockey fan I loved watching him play because he was just that good. I’m sure you have run into some BU fans that have similar feelings. I guess you guys must have a lot of shared experiences from playing in the hockey east. Best of luck, and there are still a lot of husky fans pulling for you.

  2. Good to see you back on the blog!

  3. Good to see you blogging again, looking forward to more unique insight into your experiences in Wilkess Barre. Best of luck on your continued net minding

  4. NU_Hockeyfan Says:

    Great to see you back blogging. I look forward to your interesting posts. Best of luck!

  5. Thatta boy Theiss…you and Joey V take down those terriers

    awesome to hear you are doing well man…I’m on co-op now and check this…my roommates a penns fan and has the Stanley cup picture/plaque up in his room. Everytime I pass it I see you in the back…CRAZY!!!

  6. Hi Brad,

    Keep up the blog! It is a great read. I convinced myself you were done blogging with the long layoff.

    Keep up the hard work and we hope to see you in an NHL uniform on a consistent basis within the next few year.

    I’m glad you are keeping an eye on the Huskies. You are missed, but I believe Rawlings has he potential to be a very good Hockey East goalie.

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