day one in the books

Well day one at training camp here in Pittsburgh is done.  We were split up into three groups for today and the following few days.  Today we watched some video on different systems that they run in Pittsburgh and hit the ice for a one hour practice with our respective groups.  All the teams were a mixture of both vets and rookies, I was paired up with Marc Andre Fleury on my team.  The first thing that struck me when we stepped on the ice was the amount of people that had come out for day one of training camp, probably close to 3 thousand fans had gathered at Mellon Arena.  Fleury drew a large cheer when he stepped on the ice, along with some “Fleury” chants.  It was exciting to be on the ice at Mellon and the hour long practice flew by.  It was followed by a quick workout and that was it for the day.  Tomorrow my group is scheduled to have a scrimmage and a practice so I’m looking forward to that.


3 Responses to “day one in the books”

  1. Just saw your name on the roster for tonight’s game. Congrats!

  2. Hey Thiess,

    I was at practice today, your glove saves looked really good. One question though, why do you wear your hockey pants so low in the back? Thanks for writing and have fun.

  3. I’m with T – good luck with the game tonight, you won’t believe the lengths people are going to find streams. Heaps of people behind you!

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