first training camp underway

Well my first professional training camp began this past week with the Penguins rookie camp.  I was a little nervous but also excited to be starting another hockey season.  We arrived in Pittsburgh last friday, had a meeting with coaching staff about the week ahead, then headed to bed getting some much needed rest for the week ahead.

Saturday started early with fitness testing which was difficult, definitely a reminder of why you put in all the hard work during the offseason.  We then boarded the bus to take part in the Kitchener Rookie Tournament hosted by Toronto and also attended by Boston and Ottawa.  The bus ride was 6 hours and gave us a chance to reconnect with a lot of the players that we were together with during the summer at the week long prospects camp.  The week consisted of 4 games, we had practices on the morning of the games and in between games 2 and 3 we had a day off from the games.  It was a little nerve wracking to finally play in my first game after being with the team for what seems like a long time and just practicing, so getting that first game under the belt was good, even though things didn’t go as well as I would have liked.  That set me up for a better game the next one against Toronto and the result was much better.  As a team we came on as the tournament progressed ending up winning our last 2 games.  It was a fun week to be playing hockey again but also to be on the road, being around the guys joking around and talking hockey.

So now we are back in Pittsburgh starting the main camp tomorrow.  Now that the season has started and we are going at it I’m going to update more regularly, hopefully a couple of times a week at least.


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