summer training

Back again with another post, this time I thought I would share a little about what it’s like during the off-season for a hockey player.  This one has been a little different for me, namely, no working on the farm! (sorry dad) Yep my summer has been full of training and relaxing getting ready for my first season of pro hockey.

Being that I had the chance to tag along for the Pens run to the Cup my summer was a little shorter than most years, and I definitely would take the short summer every year if it meant a Stanley Cup was waiting for me in the middle of June.  Usually I take a good couple of weeks off doing nothing but relaxing and hanging out, but this year was different seeing as though there wasn’t much summer left to train.  So I had one week off and then it was back to the gym again.  I have worked with my trainer in the gym for 6 years now, Tyler Jackson.  He is a former junior hockey player in the BCHL and then went on to fight in mixed martial arts, and continues to do so every now and again.  He trains fighters, some baseball players as well as hockey players.  We get to blend in some of the aspects of mixed martial arts to our training like boxing which gives us a little cross on our regular training and is a great workout.  We train 5 days a week, monday through friday at 8 a.m.  I like to get up and out of bed and start off the day with a good workout, nothing feels better than a great workout at the beginning day and then you  the rest of the day in front of you.  The group I train with is a group of four, two junior a kids and one from the east coast hockey league.  We go monday, wednesday, friday in the gym hitting all the muscle groups and go through different phases during the summer like strength, power, and endurance.  Tuesdays and Thursdays we go to the track and work on speed, agility, and quickness. 

As for the on ice portion of my training I start that a few weeks after I start working out.  You have to make sure you have that itch to get back on the ice again or you run the risk of burning yourself out before the summer is even over.  I started off this summer just going out a couple times a week to a scrimmage with a bunch of pro and college players, and from their have gone to a more specific practice and some work with my goalie coaches.  I like to refine my game during the summer and have someone watching me telling me the little things they see helps out a lot.  Just getting a few main keys you can focus on when your game might be a little off can be the difference between you getting your game back in order or going into a prolonged slump. 

You have to leave some time for some fun in the summer too!  I have enjoyed hanging out with family and friends this summer as I don’t get to see many of them during the hockey season.  I also enjoy golfing and was able to do more of that then I have in the past and enjoyed that, even if I wasn’t able to see a whole lot of improvement in my game!  Still nothing beats a nice sunny day out on the golf course. 

Only 2 and a half weeks remain till the opening of rookie camp, that’s when all the hard work in the summer hopefully pays off and I am looking forward to getting started!


4 Responses to “summer training”

  1. […] Brad Thiessen went from the classroom to holding the Stanley Cup this summer (Pittsburgh Post Gazette) and blogs about his summer training in preparation for his first pro season (In the Crease with Thiess). […]

  2. Glad to see you continuing the blog. There are a lot of us who read it so keep up the good work!

  3. Husky Fan Says:

    Good luck in rookie camp, keep up the blogging!

  4. Dude, that’s a hardcore schedule. Definitely awesome to see the work that goes in behind the scenes, seems like so much of life in hockey is gym, skate, sleep 24/7. Love that you’re into journalism on the side – journo students are the best people to party with.

    Looking forward to the next one – spill the beans big time on rookie camp, eh?!

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