Pens Prospect Camp

Well about a week has gone by since I returned from Pittsburgh and their summer development camp so I thought I would share what all went on during my time there.

The week was all about getting to know the other Penguins prospects that were assembled, 26 of us in all, as well as the coaches, trainers and other staff that work with the Penguins.  That along with a lot of hard work made for a fun week.  We all stayed at the Marriott in Pittsburgh, my roommate was big Eric Tangradi who garnered a lot of attention throughout the week from the media and fans.  We started off with a meeting the first night with the coaches and learned about the Penguins organization, what was ahead for us in the week, and got to know a little bit about everyone who was there.  The next morning we took part in the fitness testing portion of the camp, everything from physicals to fat testing, pullups to the windgate test.  The windgate was definitey the hardest part, and my first time doing it so I wasn’t overly happy with my result but now I know for next time.  Then we went over to the practice rink for the first ice session of the week.  Todd Reirdon, head coach of Wilkes Barre ran us through the on-ice drills all week, and each day was a little different focus, offense, defense and transition were topics that were touched on throughout the week.  We had 4 days of workouts in the mornings and practice in the afternoons which left everyone pretty tired by the end of the day.  However, it wasn’t all hard work as their were some fun events sprinkled in during the week.  We were able to take in a Pirates game from the luxury of a suite which was fun, great ballpark, bad team.  We also took part in a scavenger hunt around Pittsburgh trying to get us to learn about the city, my team unfortunately took last place but it was still fun.  And finally we went paintballing which was a highlight of the week.  The terrain was pretty difficult as it had rained earlier that day and we did lose one of the scouts to a shoulder injury but all in all it was a good time, lots of welts and laughs had during that day.  The week concluded with a scrimmage, well attended by some pretty diehard fans who were out craving their hockey in the summer months.  For me, as well as the other players I think, the best part of the week was just being able to get to know all the other players.  These are guys that most likely will be our teammates at some point in the next few years so to meet them now and get to know who they are will definitely help out when we all get back together again in September and down the road.  It was a good mix of pro, junior and college players.  There were more than a few conversations between the hockey east boys from BU, BC, and NU throughout the week over the various games we have played against each other.

From there it was back home for one more month of training and getting ready for training camp.  Summer has been flying by and it’s hard to believe one month from now the rookie tournament will be about to get underway in Kitchener.  Can’t wait for the games to begin!


2 Responses to “Pens Prospect Camp”

  1. […] last post mentioned that his roommate for the Penguins development camp was Eric Tangradi who I’ve shot […]

  2. Hi Brad,

    Always a fun read.
    Northeastern must feel like a life time ago, good luck in training camp and please keep blogging !

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