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Well I guess this will officially be my last blogging assignment for my online journalism class.  This is my opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings about my first blogging experience this semester.

When I started out with the blog I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, what I should write about, how to write for a blog, what I was going to say and if anybody would read it.  So I decided to write about what I know best, hockey, and focus it on our team at Northeastern and hopefully draw fans to it by giving them an inside look at what it’s like to play college hockey.  From there I just wrote about what I thought people would find interesting.  Sometimes it was tough to come up with something to write, I didn’t just want to write about the games all the time.  I was a little caught off guard by how many people started to read my blog.  It got linked by a couple of college hockey websites and I guess it started to spread and before long I was getting an average of about 2-3 hundred people a day.  So thanks to everyone that has read and continues to read it because it gives me a little reminder when I haven’t written something in a while that people do come to read it.  I have really appreciated all the comments that have come in over the last few months.  I think one of the things that worked for me first was the rink rankings I did during the first few weeks.  That was probably the most fun I had writing any post, coming up with my favorite rinks in college hockey.  The thing I probably found most difficult was writing after a tough loss, probably the hardest were losing to BC on the last day of the year and the Cornell game.  Those were the times that I did not want to write about the games but I knew that I had to.

As I’ve stated before I intend to continue writing on my experiences playing hockey, now in the Pittsburgh Penguins organization.  Now that I’m not in school I still want to find a way to keep my writing skills sharp and this is a great way to do it.  It’s not always grammatically correct or perfect writing but at least I am still writing.  So hopefully the readers stick around for more In the Crease with Thiess.


9 Responses to “blog thoughts”

  1. Husky Fan Says:

    Glad you’re keeping the blog up, I know I’ll continue reading.

  2. Really have enjoyed reading this blog. Thanks from the BU contingent for the shout-out last Friday night, quite funny.

  3. Husky Hockey Fan Says:

    Brad, thanks for all your insight into Northeastern hockey. It’s been great reading your posts, and I look forward to reading about how everything goes with the Pens. You’ll be missed here at NU, but good luck in the pros! We’ll be rooting for you and Joe!

  4. Thanks for keeping up the blog. It’s been great to get some insight into the lives of college hockey players, even if I support a rival team. In fact, I’ve taken some flack from other BU fans for being more sympathetic to Northeastern since I started reading your blog!

    Good luck in the Pros.

  5. Remember your NU roots 🙂
    You’ll always be a favorite for everyone here at Northeastern no matter what team we are NHL fans of. Good luck with you pro hockey career!

  6. I agree- never forget where you came from! What do you hear about Chris Rawlings? Think you might have time to give him a few pointers?

  7. Great blog Brad, keep it up! It was extremely enjoyable watching you play at Matthews for the last 3 years and having you in net made all of us believe we had chances to win things that we never expected out of our years at Northeastern. You will be sorely missed. Tear it up in the AHL next year Brad, Good luck!

  8. Brad,

    Please tell us about your Stanley Cup experience, it must be amazing.

  9. Brad,

    I saw you riding in one of the cars in today’s Stanley Cup parade on TV! You really should write a blog about the experience of being around the team during the run once you recover from all of the celebrating.

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