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Well I guess this will officially be my last blogging assignment for my online journalism class.  This is my opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings about my first blogging experience this semester.

When I started out with the blog I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, what I should write about, how to write for a blog, what I was going to say and if anybody would read it.  So I decided to write about what I know best, hockey, and focus it on our team at Northeastern and hopefully draw fans to it by giving them an inside look at what it’s like to play college hockey.  From there I just wrote about what I thought people would find interesting.  Sometimes it was tough to come up with something to write, I didn’t just want to write about the games all the time.  I was a little caught off guard by how many people started to read my blog.  It got linked by a couple of college hockey websites and I guess it started to spread and before long I was getting an average of about 2-3 hundred people a day.  So thanks to everyone that has read and continues to read it because it gives me a little reminder when I haven’t written something in a while that people do come to read it.  I have really appreciated all the comments that have come in over the last few months.  I think one of the things that worked for me first was the rink rankings I did during the first few weeks.  That was probably the most fun I had writing any post, coming up with my favorite rinks in college hockey.  The thing I probably found most difficult was writing after a tough loss, probably the hardest were losing to BC on the last day of the year and the Cornell game.  Those were the times that I did not want to write about the games but I knew that I had to.

As I’ve stated before I intend to continue writing on my experiences playing hockey, now in the Pittsburgh Penguins organization.  Now that I’m not in school I still want to find a way to keep my writing skills sharp and this is a great way to do it.  It’s not always grammatically correct or perfect writing but at least I am still writing.  So hopefully the readers stick around for more In the Crease with Thiess.


trip to DC

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Well I’m back in Wilkes Barre and after suiting up last night for the first time in pro hockey, albeit just backing up we have the day off and I have some time to reflect on my trip to Washington, D.C. for the Hobey Baker award ceremonies.

I flew in to Washinton on Thursday night and upon my arrival a Lincoln car was awaiting me at the airport to take me to my downtown hotel.  I got in around 8 and quickly changed and headed to the rink to catch the second semi-final game, BU versue Vermont.  What a game it was.  A great college hockey game that was back and forth with lead changes, big hits, great goals, and a BU comeback that would turn out to be the theme of the weekend.  My parents flew in that night as well to spend the weekend with me.  Friday morning we got up and met our host for the day from the Hobey Baker Committee, Joe.  We went down to the rink and met the other two candidates, Matt Gilroy and Colin Wilson and thier families.  Obviously we have a little hatred towards BU on the ice but off the ice hockey players are all generally good guys and they were no different.  We met in the rink with the ESPN tv crew who walked us through everything that was going to happen on the show that night.  We also met with the two tv personalities who were going to interview us that night to give them a feel for us as a family.  That was a surprise to my parents who did not really want to have anything to do with being on tv, so they were probably more nervous than I was but they did great!  After that we had some time off, and as we had never been to Washington before we walked over to the White House, only a couple blocks away.  It was a little smaller than what I had imagined but cool nonetheless.  That afternoon we had an autograph session with the three finalists at a restaurant close to the rink.  It was fun to be able to interact with the fans and the two other players signing different Hobey Baker memorabilia.  After that, a few more hours passed before it was time to head to the rink.  The actualy ceremony really went by quickly, from walking out of the penalty box for the introduction, to the interview, to the announcement.  It took place in the rink, and there were a couple thousand fans in attendance, helped by a large BU contingent.  I wasn’t expecting to win, it would have come as a complete surprise as I believe Matt Gilroy was the best player in college hockey this year, and congratulations to him, well deserved.  It was such a great experience, I did not leave empty handed as they had a framed picture of the three of us.  The Hobey Baker Committee did such a great job to make the weekend a memorably one and everything was done first class.  It is something that I will never forget and I’m glad that my parents got to be there to experience it with me.  I didn’t get a chance to stay for the final game, I was back in Wilkes Barre on Saturday, but watched the overtime and it was a fantastic finish, good for college hockey. 

Later on tonight I will have a recap of the semester of blogging, the last assignment we have for the class blog.