a whirlwind

Well I finally have a little bit of time to sit down and write some thoughts from the last few days.  It’s been a whirlwind of events and I haven’t slept much, or stopped smiling over that period. 

A couple days after we lost our last game teams started approaching me and my agent about the possibility of leaving college to play professional hockey.  My first decision to make was whether or not I wanted to leave Northeastern.  This was a difficult one to make as I have been treated so well at Northeastern and have benefited from a great program, hockey and school.  However the more I thought about it the fact was the reason I came to Northeastern was the fact that I wanted to further my hockey career.  It has always been my goal and dream to play in the NHL and that was what the opportunity given to me at Northeastern enabled me to do.  So in thinking it over I felt it was time to make that next step in my hockey career, as tough as it may be to leave everything behind at school.  So once that decision was made it was time to decide what team was going to give me the best opportunity in their organization.  It really boiled down to two teams and Pittsburgh was the one that really came out as the one that really wanted me and would provide me a great opportunity to grow as a goaltender.  Everyone seems to ask why go there, they have Fleury and former BU goalie John Curry.  My response would be to say no team is going to sign a goalie with no NHL experience and say that they are going to be their #1 starter in the NHL.  There is going to be competition at every level, nothing is going to be handed to you.  In saying that Pittsburgh was the team that to me would give me the best opportunity to play in the American League and develop as a goalie.  I’m extremely excited and look forward to the challenge.  I am in Wilkes Barre Scranton right now, the home of the Penguins American Hockey League team.  I am here to practice and just experience what all goes on and how to live as a pro hockey player.  I am actually living with my Husky teammate right now, Joey Vitale which makes the transition a little smoother as we are going through it together.  He actually got in the game last night and played very well. 

To answer another question on whether or not I will continue the blog I have every intention of doing so.  I have really enjoyed this experience and opportunity and also the interaction it has provided with some of the fans.  As a journalism major and being away from school it gives me a great opportunity to keep the writing skills somewhat sharp. 

I also wanted to say that I still will be going to Washington, D.C. this weekend for the Hobey Baker Award ceremony.  I have never been to Washington before so I’m excited.  I will write all about my experience at the Frozen Four weekend later on in the week so look for that.  I might catch some of the second semi-final on Thursday and will already be back here in Wilkes Barre by the time the Championship game starts but I will write about everything else.


12 Responses to “a whirlwind”

  1. AnOldFaithfulNUAlum Says:

    All the best Brad. Thanks for the memories at NU.. wherever your career takes you.. always remember the old alma mater (come back & get your degree).. and do not forget the Husky fans who cheered & will continue cheering, i am sure, throughout your career. Go get ’em kid. We are very proud of you. Go Huskies! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on everything Brad (and Joe)! We sure will miss you here at Northeastern, but look forward to seeing bright things in your future. Glad you are keeping up the blog, I will be sure to keep reading.

  3. rachel sarah Says:

    Congratulations! We’ll definitely miss you at NU but good luck in Pittsburg!

  4. Great news Brad and thrilled that you are blogging about it.

    We’ve made a link to this our feature in today’s news at inGoalMag.com

    I hope that there will be an opportunity for more of our readers to hear from you in the future!

  5. […] A Whirlwind The newest member of the Penguins organization former Northeastern goaltender Brad Thiessen blogs about his signing with Pittsburgh. “Well I finally have a little bit of time to sit down and write some thoughts from the last few days.  It’s been a whirlwind of events and I haven’t slept much, or stopped smiling over that period.” […]

  6. Season ticket holder Says:

    Hey Brad…thanks for great hockey. Enjoy the pros. And link your blog to your facebook page so we can see it there too.

  7. Not much to say but a thousand memories in a word… Thanks.

    Good Luck.

  8. Reap the whirlwind, Brad. Have fun, good luck — you earned it — and welcome to the Pens.

  9. I was hoping the Flyers step up and you when you decided to go pro. With you and Joe in the Penguins system, it will be much harder to dislike the cross state rivals, and us Flyers fans will still see too many pucks in the back of our net. Oh well. Good luck anyway!

  10. It’s been great watching you guys mature and grow on the ice. I think everyone will miss you come next year, but I’m looking forward to seeing you guys play in the future. Good luck and I hope you continue to write on here!

  11. Frank from Abby Says:

    Congrats Brad from Abbotsford. Great season and awesome to hear the news about getting on with Pittsburgh! Good luck today!

  12. chuck abbate Says:

    i was bummed at first to hear the news that you were forgoing your senoir year at nu. but then i realized that youre following your dream of pro hockey. i managed to attend nearly ever home game and the beanpot this year, and you goal tending was nothing short of awesome brad.
    good look w/the penguins. you and your teammates have set huskies hockey program in the right direction!! take care ..chuck abbate nu 89′

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