a penguin

I just wanted to quickly post here my thanks to all the response that I have gotten about my decision to sign with the Pittsburgh Penguins.  It was definitely not an easy one and Northeastern was a very special place for me the past 3 years.  I am very excited to be moving forward in my hockey career.  I will post again in the next few days some more thoughts but I just wanted to get that out there right now.


8 Responses to “a penguin”

  1. did the flyers contact you? why the pens? but congrats anyways

  2. Hey Brad,

    Now that you’re no longer a Husky I have to say that I wish you all the best in the future. Pittsburgh is a hell of a place to be; that organization just churns out top tier goaltenders like no one else (except maybe San Jose). Good luck.

  3. Congratulations Brad.

    Although I don’t go to NU I have to say you have been dominant in Hockey East, and a great goaltender for NU these past few years, and there is no doubt the fans will hear your name mentioned in the pros soon. Best of luck to you.

  4. no offense but as a pens fan your very wrong. Fleury is the pens 2nd winningest goalie of all time already. We have had a couple flash in the pan like Hedberg and Lalime. Anyway good luck and i hope to see you in pittsburgh soon! Could use a great backup

  5. Bruins Fan Says:


    Congrats on signing with the Pens. I would have loved to watch you play one more season with the Huskies but I take pride in seeing any of the Husky players have success after NU. I hope you and Joey make it big in Pittsburgh! I’m a diehard Bruins fan but if you make it to the show, I’m going to splurge on a throwback (baby blue) Penguins jersey with your name on the back!

    Thanks for everything the past three years, you brought our program back to life!

  6. Matt C. Says:

    Hey Brad,

    Two main questions for you:

    1 – Best of luck how do you look at moving forward with talented goalies such as Fleury and Curry already in the Pens system?


    2 – Will you continue to keep this blog? I mean you know NU fans love you, thinking of how much we respect you will you continue to keep this blog. I can see a whole generation of NU fans being your top fans in the AHL and hopefully the NHL. I just hope you keep us original posters in mind, esspecially when you consider the fact we have been pulling for you for three years now.

    In any even keep the blog going, NU will always be indebted to you. We wish you all the best Brad. Make the program proud! Go NU, Go Pens!

    Most Importantly Go Thiessen.

    And Never Forget your roots! And remember all of us that commented, and cared, before you become a household name . . . and believe me with your talent you will be a household name. Best of luck remember NU!

  7. Brendan O'Dowd Says:

    Another vote for keeping up the blog Brad, would be great to be able to follow your success and keep in touch.

  8. Congrats man, good to see good people going to my hometown team, haha.

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