and just like that it’s over

It has taken a few days and still I can’t quite get the thoughts out of my head or the feeling in my stomach of what happened on Saturday night.  I think I can speak for most of the guys when I say we are kind of still in shock and don’t really know what to do with ourselves right now.  To lose the game like we did, for the second game in a row was pretty devastating.  I mean when you do it once and you still have something to play for it eases the pain a bit, but when it ends your season it’s a little more difficult to swallow.  I feel for the bus that came out to support us in Grand Rapids, I feel for the fans who packed into Qdoba and Connor’s to watch the game, we all feel like we let everyone down.  Yes we were able to accomplish a lot this season, including some things that other NU teams have never done, but we didn’t win anything, which is tough to take.  The weekend happened pretty fast, as soon as we lost we were whisked to the airport and back in Boston 5 hours after the game ended.  It was a good experience but not a result that anybody wanted.


9 Responses to “and just like that it’s over”

  1. thebleedenator Says:

    Brad… all i can say is thank you for the AMAZING season.

    Sure, we don’t have the hardware, but the fact that this program has gone from rags to near riches is all we could have asked for… you guys accomplished more than most people thought… you secured home ice at Matthews, you made the HE semifinals, you demolished BC to make the Beanpot final, you grabbed an NCAA bid, and you filled Matthews nearly every night this season. But most of all you put NU on the map as a program re-built to contend with college hockey’s powerhouses.

    All we as fans could want more is for next year to be even close to this year. I wish you the best of luck wether you stay another year or move on to bigger and better hockey

    just for the record though… i hope you stay 😉

  2. Alright brad- you had an incredible season. And we all know that. Took nu where no one thought it was possible. This just needs to feed your fire for next year. At this point it’s just mental. Look back to the BU series. You all have the skills to compete with the best in the country. You are the best in the country. Prove it to us and everyone else next year baby!

  3. I think a lot of fans were really disapointed with the finish to the season, but a lot of us have to take a step back and look at it. I mean tell me before the year we would be 2nd in the hockey east, make the NCAA’s and get national attention and I would have been more than happy. Still, its a hard way to end the season. Hopefully it motivates you to come back next year and take care of business.

  4. Husky Hockey Fan Says:

    I can’t even imagine how hard it must be for you guys on the team to end the season on that note, but NU hockey has come so far, and you guys have accomplished so much this season. We may not have any trophies recognizing the team’s success, but it really has been a spectacular season. There have been so many great games; the Beanpot semifinal, the bu series; the overtime winner against BC.. the list could go on forever! Keep your head up, and we hope to see you back next year for another great season! GO NU!

  5. Brad-
    I took the bus out to Grand Rapids, and regardless of what happened, we’re all proud of you guys for making it as far as you did. All of you had a great season, even if it didn’t end the way you wanted it to. This experience will enable you to have an even better season come October, and we’ll all be there with you, cheering you on and supporting you 100%.

  6. Split-N Says:

    I think the only people in the world who felt worse than I did after the Cornell game were you and your teammates. As bad as I felt for myself, you’re the guys who shed the blood, sweat, and tears over a very long season and I can’t begin to imagine how emotionally drained you all must be.

    Despite the setback in GR, you and your teammates brought this program to heights it has never reached and that–by itself–is to your everlasting credit. I’ve been watching NU hockey for many years and have never felt so good about the program as I do now, despite last weekend’s development.

    So take awhile to decompress, lick your wounds, and feel good about yourselves. You all deserve it. And finally, for yourself and all of your teammates, please accept my sincerest heartfelt “Thank You” for all you have done in restoring this program to national prominence. Hope to see you back next year to close the deal. Good luck!

  7. Husky Fan Says:

    Thank you for the incredible season, sure it did not end on a high note, but the strides that you and the team took this year to help out our program were fantastic. I know my friends and I had a lot of fun traveling to away games, seeing a packed matthews arena, and seeing numerous articles on the internet about you guys, you really made the season special for us. I wish you the best of luck next year, what ever it is you decide on doing, of course I’ll be hoping, like the entire campus, that you stay, but if you decide to move on and out of college hockey, then I hope you find as much success there as you have had here.

  8. Huskies Hockey Says:


    Thanks for all your efforts. As you know, the puck always bounces in ways we don’t expect. It was great watching, even from afar, the rise of the program again. It brought me back to ’82 and our run to the Frozen Four, losing to a great North Dakota team in the semis.

  9. Brad,

    What a great season you guys had! I’m sure it still must be hard for you guys to imagine that it is over and the loss was hard to watch, but you all need to proud of what you accomplished this year and like everyone else, I do hope you will come back for your senior year. If this is what you guys accomplished this year then next year the sky’s the limit! Thanks for an amazing season of GREAT hockey!

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