coming from Grand Rapids

I hope you have been able to enjoy some of the college hockey action today on day 1 of the NCAA Tournament.  I watched most of the Air Force upset over Michigan along with the Miami win over Denver, so two number 1 seeds are already done.  Vermont also was able to move on in day one action.

We didn’t get into our hotel rooms last night till after 1 as their were some delays in Detroit with the plane and so it ended up being a late night.  Our hotel is situated right across the street from the Van Endel Arena here in Grand Rapids.  We practiced this morning which was good to be able to get used to new surroundings.  It is a nice arena, seats about 10,000 and the home of Detroit’s American Hockey League team.  However, the ice had just been put in because they were putting the NCAA logos and what not underneath so it was extremely soft, hopefully that changes for tomorrow.  Also there were a number of media requests that we had to take care of, lots of stuff for ESPN with the game being on tomorrow.  The rest of the day we got to relax and just get ourselves ready for tomorrow.  Everyone is excited to just get on the ice and play, enough of the media and hype surrounding the game, it’s time to play!


2 Responses to “coming from Grand Rapids”

  1. Brad, heck of a year. being a NU alum I was proud to see NU go so far. The days of being happy to get a win over a ranked team are gone. now NU is the ranked team and thats awesome. Saying that I assume you all have a real bitter taste in your mouths after HE, HE champ, Beanpot and now NCAA. You guys should be a hungry monster next year. I hope you stick around because the success of NU starts with you.

  2. Devoted Dog Says:

    I agree with nu alum. It’s been an exciting hockey season and I hope you continue your success. You’ve done a great job!

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