getting ready

Just a quick post here today before I head off to class and practice.  We are leaving for Logan right after practice today for Grand Rapids and getting in around 11 or so tonight.  The excitement has steadily been building all week long.  As a player you can really sense how important games are as they come closer just by those around you.  Everyone else gets a little extra excited but as players we have to make sure we are focused on the task at hand.  There have been a lot of extra media requests, ticket requests and everything that comes along with being in the NCAA Tournament.  We practice tomorrow afternoon so I’ll probably have another post tomorrow night to let you know how Grand Rapids is and the atmosphere surrounding the Midwest Regional.


3 Responses to “getting ready”

  1. Hey Brad,
    I’ve enjoyed reading along throughout the semester. The post on your helmet was pretty cool. Wish I could be out there this weekend, but I’ll be looking for updates during the weekend.
    Good luck

  2. Brendan O'Dowd Says:

    See you there!

  3. Good luck out there, Thiess. Bring it home.

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