The Big Red and other thoughts

I’ve had some questions about Cornell and what I know about them.  In looking at their roster their are a number of players that I have played against in junior hockey back in British Columbia.  I also visited Cornell before I decided to come to Northeastern so I have met some of their seniors that are left from that time.  I don’t know their goalie, Ben Scrivens, but from all indications he has had a great season and will present a challenge to us.  As I said in my last post, Cornell is a defensive minded team that likes to capitalize on their opportunities, then hold on to their lead.  We have to get it in our heads now that we are going to have to work for every opportunity that we get.  We are leaving for Grand Rapids on Thursday night after practicing here.  All the guys are excited and I am impressed with the amount of Husky fans that seem to be making the trip out, that is some serious dedication.

I have also had some questions regarding what my plans are for the future.  To be honest, right now if I worried about the future I would be robbing myself and the team of the great opportunity that we have in front of us right now.  I’m focused on playing hockey for the Huskies and winning a NCAA championship.

That’s all for now I’m off to practice, talk to you later in the week.


2 Responses to “The Big Red and other thoughts”

  1. Matt Chase Says:

    Best of luck out there Brad, I hope you guys get some rest. Its great to see so many fans going out there, and its really great to hear that the team notices the commitment from the fans. Also, Congrats on the HE Player of the Year award.

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