off to grand rapids

Well the field is set for the 2009 NCAA Men’s Hockey Tournament and the Huskies will be heading to Grand Rapids, Michigan to play the Cornell Big Red.  It was actually pretty exciting this morning down at the viewing party, lots of people showed up along with the media and it was a happy group.  I think this morning and the realization that we are in the tournament and have an opponent has taken the sting off friday nights game.  We don’t play till Saturday so we will have a full week of practice to get ready for Cornell.  Cornell is known for their defense and will present a tough opponent for us in round number one.  Joining us in Grand Rapids will be Notre Dame and Bemidji State, you can find the full NCAA bracket here.  I’ll be back with more thoughts later in the week.


2 Responses to “off to grand rapids”

  1. Brendan O'Dowd Says:

    Hey Brad,

    Do you have any thoughts on Scrivens? I don’t get to see Cornell often (and imagine you don’t either), but just wondering if you had any thoughts. Book on him seems to be that the Cornell defensive system inflates his stats a ton.

  2. Kyle Munson Says:

    Cant wait to see you guys in grand rapids.
    no more last minute goals though,
    besides that its been great watching the whole season keep up the great work.

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