First of all my apologies for not writing over the last couple of days.  Lot’s of stuff going on with getting ready for the game yesterday and awards banquet on thursday night.  I was honored to win the player of the year award as well as being mentioned for the Hobey Baker, but I’m glad that some of my teammates were recognized as well for their accomplishments this season.  I also wanted to say thanks to all the readers that visit my blog, a couple of days ago I hit the 10,000 mark for hits so thanks! 

On to the game from last night.  What can you say really, up by a goal with a minute to go, take a too many men penalty, get scored on, then lose in overtime.  Just writing those words makes me feel sick.  I guess we were probably playing with fire when giving up a tying goal in the last minute for the second straight game and it came back to bite us last night.  It was definitely disappointing for us as players to come out and play the way we did last night in such a big game.  Give credit to Lowell for playing a great game, they kept coming and coming and never let up and were rewarded for their efforts.  It also stings a little extra when I look up in the stands yesterday and see so many Husky fans in the Garden, it really was a sight to see and to not give them something to cheer for was disappointing.  But we still have put ourselves in a position to play more hockey.  Tomorrow morning we will find out where and who we will be playing next weekend in the NCAA Tournament.  I think it is assured that we will be a #2 seed, it’s just a matter of finding out an opponent and location.  I think most people have us going out west to Grand Rapids or Minnesota but we’ll see.  For those on campus here there is a viewing party tomorrow at Stetson West at which I will be as well as some of the other players.  It should put some excitement back into everyone after this weekend. 

Thanks again for the support shown to us as a team this weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about the NCAA Tournament.


5 Responses to “disappointment”

  1. Brandon Holley Says:

    Thiessen it has been a great season not only for you guys, but for us as fans. It has been awesome to watch you guys compete with some of the best teams in the country and not just compete, but control games. It certainly a disappointment for us to lose the way we did last night, but I think you have the right attitude in moving forward. You have a chance to make a splash on the national stage, and you have the talent to do it. Use a loss like this as a springboard into the NCAAs and as hard as it is, try to put it behind you.

    Good Luck, we’ll be cheering for you guys wherever you play, and if its anywhere close to Boston you better believe the black, white and red shirts will be there to support you.

  2. Brad you should have won the Hockey East MVP after your game on Fri night. If you were not in net I feel like NU would have lost 9-2. I saw you guys play Lowell about a month ago as part of a home and home and you guys dominated. Quicker to the puck, more physical, just better all around. Sitting in the Garden on Fri night was like watching the opposite. They looked so much quicker to the puck, face off wins and just all around excitment. It was sad to see. I mean the shot totals were unreal. It was even harder to take when all the BC and BU fans started cheering for Lowell. Good luck in the NCAA’s and please come back next year. That HE game hopefully left a bitter taste in everyones mouth and you guys can come back and take it next year.

  3. Husky Fan Says:

    I’ve heard a lot of people questioning if you’re going to come back next year. I know everybody is hoping that you’ll come back, as fans believe you will give us an excellent shot to win the Beanpot, Hockey East regular season title, as well as the tournament title. Hopefully you can get the NCAA title taken care of this year, but we all want to see you back next year either way. Could you shed some light on whether you’ll come back next year or not? This is assuming you get drafted – because you’re just that good.

  4. He is too old to be drafted. Not to old to sign as a free agent though. We all have to assume you’ve received a ton of offers – we all hope you stick it out but I’m sure I speak for all the fans when I say we’ll support you wherever you end up.

  5. john leahy Says:

    Hey Brad,

    My daughter Kathleen, your biggest fan, and I have really enjoyed watching you play at NU. We’re sorry to see you go, but are happy for you that you get a real chance to pursue your goal of the NHL.

    As a long,long time Husky fan, I feel proud of what the team accomplished this year. You always kept cool under the pressure, never wavered in your focus, and this is the quality that will sustain you in the pro ranks (not to mention your talent).

    I think that because of your great play, keeping the team in every game, that the program has reached a level where recruiting will be that much easier for quality players.

    Best wishes from a proud Husky fan.

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