Brodeur sets the record

Last night was a historic night in the NHL as New Jersey Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur broke Patrick Roy’s all time win’s record in getting his 552nd win over Chicago.  Brodeur is also only 3 shutouts away from the all time shutout record.  This achievement by Brodeur has sparked some debate as to who is the best goaltender of all time.  I can’t speak for the older generation of goaltenders such as Jacques Plante, Ken Dryden, Tony Esposito, who were all great goaltenders but I haven’t seen them play so I can’t compare them to today’s netminders.  I think in my generation it really only comes down to 2 guys, Brodeur and Roy.  Martin Brodeur is still only 36 years old and has the opportunity to put these records far out of reach.  Brodeur is a goaltender who does not play the typical butterfly style that goaltending has evolved into over the years.  He has done it with a sort of hybrid style of some butterfly, some stand up goaltending.  He has numerous accomplishments on his resume, vezina trophies, conn smythe trophies and stanley cups.  However, in my mind the one thing that goes against Brodeur when talking about who is the best is the team that he plays on.  The New Jersey Devils have historically been known for a defence first mentality, employing the trap system and smothering teams not allowing very many quality chances against.  This has been the benefit to Brodeur over the years.  On the other side of the debate is Patrick Roy.  Roy broke into the league in 1986 with the Montreal Canadiens winning a stanley cup.  He went on to win another one in Montreal before moving on to Colorado where he won 2 more.  Roy is known for his incredible intensity, confidence, and ability to step up in the big games.  He transformed the way the position is played with his introduction of the butterfly style.  In my opinion, I’m going with Patrick Roy as the best goaltender of all time, not only did he change the way the position is played but was able to put his team on his back at times and win them games.


4 Responses to “Brodeur sets the record”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more as Roy is my choice over Brodeur. But I think you are selling this comparison short. In my opinion, I think Andre Racicot is the best goalie of all time. If you think Racicot doesn’t belong in the same category as Brodeur and Roy, you might be surprised what you will find when you search his name in a google search engine. You will see the fourth link show up “Legends of Hockey…”

    I remember vividly opening up a pack of Parkhurst hockey cards in the early 90’s and seeing his card and I almost lost it with excitement. It was because Racicot played such a unique style. He made it his goal to boost the confidence of the other team. You don’t see that very much anymore. It is a lost art. That is why I will always affectionately remember my favourite goalie of all time…”red light Racicot.”

    • inthecreasewiththiess Says:

      haha yes Jon I am doing a dis-service to all goaltending fans by failing to mention the great Andre “red light ” Racicot. I know you treasured his hockey cards and any goalie who has been given this nickname is deserving of signifcant recognition.

  2. Congrats on being a Hobey Baker finalist!

  3. Congrats on being named Hockey East Play of the Year! Awesome accomplishment.

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