going to the gahden

I’m sure many fans at Matthews last night lost a few years off of their lives going from thinking the home team was going to win, to seeing us lose the lead with 35 seconds to go, to winning in overtime.  It was a roller coaster of emotions not only for the fans but for us as players.  To lose the lead like that with the series on the line was pretty deflating, and the dressing room was oftly quiet for the first few minutes in the intermission between the third and overtime.  However, we were able to put it behind us and came out with the same intensity that we played with all game, resulting in Alex Tuckerman’s heroics.  It really was a great playoff series, 3 close games, low scoring, tight checking, with the animosity level rising between the two teams with each passing minute.  UMass had played us tough all year and it was a battle to be able to win 2 of 3 from them.  I am happy for the Husky fans at Matthews who got to experience a playoff series win, but also for our seniors, the 6 guys who I’m sure who could have heard a pin drop during games at Matthews their first season to the delirium of last night.  Today is a day to try and recover now.  It was tough to play 3 games in 3 nights with the pressure that was involved in all 3, it was mentally and physically tiring.  Now it’s time to look on to the Garden and a date with the Riverhawks of UMass Lowell. 

I think tomorrow I will look at some of what happened around college hockey in the playoffs this past weekend, talk to you then.


6 Responses to “going to the gahden”

  1. Boston Bruins Says:

    How’d it feel to be at the bottom of the pile after Alex Tuckerman’s OT goal?

  2. Rose Garcia Says:

    I’m sure this has been a great experience for you and you deserve it!!.. just keep up the good work..

    Peacin’ like Thiessen!

  3. inthecreasewiththiess Says:

    I’d have to say that is probably the first time I’ve been at the bottom of an overtime winner pile, Tuckerman skated the length of the ice and ended up down at my end so I just jumped on top of him. There was a lot of happy teammates in that pile.

  4. Rose Garcia Says:

    I’m sure this has been quite an experience for you. Not many people can be able to leave college saying the’ve impacted thier school like you can. Graduating next year (Unfortunately!), what do you think has been your best moment(s) at Northeastern? Will you find it strange to be seperated from the husky “pack”?

    Peacin’ like Thiessen!

    • inthecreasewiththiess Says:

      Hey Rose thanks for the comment, I’ll probably address this in a later post about some memories so far here at northeastern but i’d have to say that winning a home playoff series in overtime has to be right up there. It was a special night and one that all of us will probably never forget.

  5. This post was featured in the Metro! Pretty cool.


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