it’s playoff time

After 11 years playoff hockey will be back at Matthews Arena starting tomorrow night as we take on the UMass Minuteman in a best of 3 quarterfinal series.  In just walking around campus this week the excitement level seems to be high amongst the students as they get a chance to watch playoff hockey in their own backyard.  The team is excited to get it underway.  A lot has been made of how UMass took 2 of the 3 games against us this year, and they did play us well which will give them some extra confidence heading into the series I’m sure.  But the playoffs offer a new start and everything that has been done this season is now erased, it’s a clean slate.  I’ll admit that I would prefer a traditional 7 game series you see in the pro’s or in juniors, and while I know that could never happen in college it would make for a great playoff series.  Just imagine having 7 games against another team, not only would it get heated on the ice but I think there would be a few fights in the stands.  A 3 game series leaves little room for error so we will have to be at our best to knock off UMass and on to the Garden.  I’m looking forward to it and hopefully you are too.


4 Responses to “it’s playoff time”

  1. On behalf of a Senior who’s gone to all but about 2 home games in the past 5 years.

    Thank you….

    Thank you so much….

  2. Proud Alum Says:

    It’s been a pleasure watching you guys this season. You and your teammates really put NU hockey back on the map. Best of luck in the HE playoffs and beyond.

  3. rachel sarah Says:

    i waited in line for 45 minutes this afternoon to get tickets!

  4. Great games this weekend Brad! I am so glad I made the trip from NY to see the quarterfinals live. Good luck next week at The Garden!!!! As a senior, it is great seeing NU Hockey doing so well.

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