the show must go on

Well I’m sure there are a lot of disappointed Husky fans after what transpired over the weekend.  With the loss to BC on saturday night coupled with BU’s win on sunday afternoon it marked the first day we had not been in first place since the beginning of the season, and unfortunately for us there are no days left to get it back.  I think one of the things that was most disappointing for me was to see how many Husky fans showed up at BC on saturday in anticipation of a win and ensuing celebration.  Unfortunately, we did not turn in the type of effort that was required on that night and lost out on the opportunity for Northeastern’s first Hockey East regular season title.  I’m not going to lie, for me and the team it was as tough a loss as I have had to endure.  Most of the time it’s on your mind after the game but I can usually let it go by the next day.  This one stuck with me till today when we got back to the rink and on the ice.  It was then I realized that while we did lose out on the regular season title finishing in second place, it has been a great season and one that will bring playoff hockey to Matthews Arena for the first time in a long time, and that is something that got me excited once again.  I hope it has you excited too.

I am going to try and write everyday this week leading up to the playoffs with the following topics: tomorrow I will look at the strength of Hockey East this year and look at the Pairwise rankings that determine the NCAA tournament, wednesday I will discuss my helmet, and thursday I will look ahead to the weekend playoff series.


One Response to “the show must go on”

  1. Warm Weather Husky Fan Says:

    You guys have played with a lot of heart all year. Coming back on Friday night to tie BC with second left and then to beat them in OT showed the kind of grit you and your teammates have. You have to expect a few “off” games, and it’s unfortunate that it happened on Saturday.

    I saw my first ever hockey game two years ago at Parent’s Weekend and I’ve been listening to WRBB on the internet here in sunny SoCal ever since. I’m looking forward to watching the Huskies in the Frozen Four.

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