Trade Deadline Day: thoughts from a fan and player

Well today was pretty much Christmas Day if you are a hockey fan, trade deadline day.  In Canada the sports networks dedicate 10 hours of non-stop coverage with analysts and panelists doing their thing.  I was at practice this morning and didn’t get back till the last hour before the deadline but I tuned in to TSN to get my trade deadline coverage.  They had a total of 10 guys in studio either offering their thoughts on what had transpired or feverishly working their blackberries trying to get the latest information.  Pierre Maguire was my favorite to watch, awkwardly waving his blackberry in the air with his hand up trying to make everyone know that he had a deal to announce.  The day was kind of anti-climactic with not many big deals being made but still the suspense and excitement provides for some entertainment. 

As a player trade deadline day provides a little different set of emotions.  Back when I played juniors in British Columbia I was a part of three trade deadline days, being traded on 2 of them a total of 3 times.  The first time I was traded two days ahead of the deadline, was on that team for one practice before being traded again the night of the deadline.  That was not a pleasant experience.  It is a roller coaster of emotions.  The last trade deadline day I knew I was getting traded so I just waited by the phone all day long, waiting for it to ring.  The first time I went through the ups and downs it was tough.  I had played in that city for over a year and it was the only junior team I had been a part of so it was tough to leave.  But getting traded offers a new opportunity with new teammates, new city, and new surroundings.  However, after feeling that for one day, then being traded by that team somewhere else was tough to take.  But hockey is a business and if you can learn that early on you realize that teams are just trying to do their jobs and do what is best for their teams as well.  The last time I got traded I was going to college the next year and so the team wanted to get players they could use for the next season.  So I knew the writing was on the wall.  That whole day thoughts were just racing through my mind about what team I would be going to, if anybody else would be coming with me, was it going to be a good team.  It was extremely exciting actually, and when the phone finally rang 5 minutes past the deadline telling me to come down to the rink the time had come.  The team that I actually ended up getting traded to was not where I had expected so it was a bit of a let down at first, but once I got a chance to catch my breath and think about it all it was again pretty exciting.  I didn’t have some of the things that NHL players have to deal with when getting traded such as having families and kids in school and all of a sudden having to up and leave must be tough.  Like I said before hockey is a business and trade deadline day is one of the things that comes along with being a hockey player.

Tomorrow I will share some of my thoughts on the last weekend of the regular season and the much anticipated series with Boston College, talk to you then.


2 Responses to “Trade Deadline Day: thoughts from a fan and player”

  1. Brad, I was wondering if you could post some pictures of the masks you’ve worn at NU and maybe a little back story to them. I was just reading about Zane Kalemba’s mask at Princeton and it got me thinking to the ones you’ve worn.

  2. There was one shot on TSN where McGuire was standing right beside, I believe, Darren Dutychsen and he was soo close and it looked so awkward that I was embarrassed for him. I love McGuire though. He is so passionate about the game its awesome. He is a little too passionate at times, but I find him insightful and entertaining. Thanks for the insight.

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