Don Cherry vs Alexander the Great

I’m not sure how many of the American readers here know who Don Cherry is but he is similar to Canada what John Madden maybe is to American’s, only on a much larger scale.  Every Saturday night is Hockey Night in Canada and during the first game he and Ron Mclean have a show called “Coach’s Corner with Don Cherry.”  Rarely does any avid hockey fan in Canada miss the first intermission.  Don Cherry is a folk hero in Canada with his extravagant suits and critiques of everything anti-Canadian.  Saturday night on Coach’s Corner he called out Russian superstar Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals saying his goal celebrations are too flamboyant and that someday he is going to have to answer for his antics.  He predicted that “somebody’s going to get him good.” (Read the article  found in the Globe and Mail about the incident here)

Cherry’s comments were coming the week after the two NHL poster boys, Sidney Crosby of the Penguins and Ovechkin of the Capitals played against each other and the two were at each other for most of the game.  Crosby was visibly frustrated with the game in which the Caps won 5-2.  After the game both had comments for each other, Ovechkin saying Crosby “is a good player but talks too much,” and Crosby talking about Ovechkin’s celebrations said “like it or lump it, that’s what he does.  Some people like it, some people don’t.  Personally, I don’t like it.” ( game recap) Don Cherry is and will always be known for defending Canadian players, and will always have something to say about the European players that he doesn’t particularly care for.

Now for my opinion’s on the issue.  I think it is wrong for Don Cherry to call out probably the best player in the NHL today.  Alex Ovechkin brings people to the rinks, he loves the game, he loves to score goals, and people love to watch him so in my mind he can do what he wants after he scores a goal.  Sidney Crosby was always the one who was supposed to carry the torch for hockey and for the time being Ovechkin has passed him.  Crosby’s game is not as “sexy” as Ovechkin’s game and that is what fans want to see.  Sid the Kid has also been known to run his mouth a little bit too much on the ice, something Cherry did not mention when backing Crosby in his battle with Ovechkin.  Yes Crosby is Canadian and yes Cherry should stand behind him but that doesn’t mean he has to cut down the best player in the game today for being a little too exciting for the old school hockey mind that Cherry has become.  The only thing I can positively say for Cherry on this issue is that it got people talking about hockey.  Yesterday on ESPN’s Sportscenter, Around the Horn, and Pardon the Interruption the topic was discussed.  If you are watching a 60 minute Sportscenter show and are looking for hockey highlites, you have to wait till the 59 minute and 30 second mark to get a quick one goal hit before getting the last little tid-bit on the A-rod steroid case to close out the show.  Hockey is non-existant when it comes to the national American stage and the Cherry-Ovechkin saga at least for one day brought it to the forefront.

I’m sure Cherry will have something to say on this week’s Coach’s Corner, but for now Ovechkin got the last word in saying that Cherry is “a funny guy and old guy.  He likes old-fashioned hockey.  He’s not interesting to me, so he can say whatever he wants.  I don’t care about him.” (also found in the Globe and Mail article)  That’s it Alex, you just worry about scoring goals and putting hockey back on the map, let Cherry worry about what suit he is going to wear next.


3 Responses to “Don Cherry vs Alexander the Great”

  1. I can’t believe you would disown Cherry and all-Canadians like that.

    Just kidding. I agree with you. Cherry is kind of outstaying his welcome in my opinion. Rarely do I sit through a whole segment with him and MacLean anymore. Ovechkin is creative and the next time I am out on my driveway I am going to try and mimick that goal he scored the other week while on his back. After that I will go to the doctor to have the road rash on my back looked at.

  2. Bruins fan Says:

    As much as I love the Bruins, I have a ton of respect for #8 and I fear him every time he’s on the ice. It’s fun seeing him score because he’s got so much talent but he could do a little less showboating. If he skates hard and jumps into teammates arms after his goals then I’m all for his excitement because it shows he’s a team player. However, when he eludes his teammates to jump up against the glass or skate around wildly then he’s just saying: “Look at me!”

  3. Anything that gets Americans talking is a good thing; Cherry should start taking shots at American players, it’ll help. Though I can’t say I like the guy much, I do love his suits!

    I am really annoyed with ESPN and how they have dealt with the NHL and hockey in general lately. Sportscenter would rather have 10 minutes of a dumb gimmick without substance than show 10 seconds of hockey…I don’t watch it much anymore.

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