it doesn’t always have to be pretty

A weekend sweep over Lowell has us still in the drivers seat heading in to the last weekend of the regular season.  I think this weekend was a showing of how we have matured as a team over the years.  We probably didn’t play our best hockey of the year, were down 3 key players in Tuckerman, Ginand, and Mcneely and still found a way to get 2 wins, something that probably would not have been the case last season or in ones prior.  We were able to get goals from some of the guys who are not known for their goal scoring prowess, Jimmy Driscoll on friday and Dennis Mccauley with the opening goal last night.  One of the big keys to our weekend was the penalty kill, we were able to kill off all 12 of the Lowell powerplays and heading into this weekend and the playoffs special teams is what can win you games.  I think we would be lying if we said we didn’t have one eye towards the out of town scoreboard this weekend keeping a watch on BU’s games.  Hearing the score being announced during the game friday of 2-0 UMass we thought we had gotten a favor but BU was not going to make it easy winning 6-3 and again 7-2 on saturday making for a very interesting last weekend in Hockey East.  Not only is first place still on the line but UNH and Vermont are sitting tied for third with identical records heading into this weekends series between the two teams at the Gutterson Fieldhouse.  Spring break is upon us here at Northeastern so we are pretty much the only ones left around here on campus besides the basketball team and the co-ops.  It gives us a great opportunity to get some good practice in as well as resting the nagging injuries or sickness that occur over the grind of a season. 

I also should mention that Friday night at Matthews they brought out the 12 players picked for the Hockey East 25th Anniversary Northeastern team.  I believe 9 of the players made it out for the event.  There have been many great goaltenders at Northeastern such as Bruce Racine, Marc Robitaille, and Keni Gibson among others so I was honored and surprised to be named one of the goaltenders.  I got a chance to meet Bruce Racine as well and enjoyed talking some goaltending with him. 

I’ll have ample time this week with spring break to write some more, this week brings about the NHL trade deadline always a great day for a hockey fan.  Perhaps I’ll do some live blogging depending on our practice schedule for wednesday.


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