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and just like that it’s over

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It has taken a few days and still I can’t quite get the thoughts out of my head or the feeling in my stomach of what happened on Saturday night.  I think I can speak for most of the guys when I say we are kind of still in shock and don’t really know what to do with ourselves right now.  To lose the game like we did, for the second game in a row was pretty devastating.  I mean when you do it once and you still have something to play for it eases the pain a bit, but when it ends your season it’s a little more difficult to swallow.  I feel for the bus that came out to support us in Grand Rapids, I feel for the fans who packed into Qdoba and Connor’s to watch the game, we all feel like we let everyone down.  Yes we were able to accomplish a lot this season, including some things that other NU teams have never done, but we didn’t win anything, which is tough to take.  The weekend happened pretty fast, as soon as we lost we were whisked to the airport and back in Boston 5 hours after the game ended.  It was a good experience but not a result that anybody wanted.


coming from Grand Rapids

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I hope you have been able to enjoy some of the college hockey action today on day 1 of the NCAA Tournament.  I watched most of the Air Force upset over Michigan along with the Miami win over Denver, so two number 1 seeds are already done.  Vermont also was able to move on in day one action.

We didn’t get into our hotel rooms last night till after 1 as their were some delays in Detroit with the plane and so it ended up being a late night.  Our hotel is situated right across the street from the Van Endel Arena here in Grand Rapids.  We practiced this morning which was good to be able to get used to new surroundings.  It is a nice arena, seats about 10,000 and the home of Detroit’s American Hockey League team.  However, the ice had just been put in because they were putting the NCAA logos and what not underneath so it was extremely soft, hopefully that changes for tomorrow.  Also there were a number of media requests that we had to take care of, lots of stuff for ESPN with the game being on tomorrow.  The rest of the day we got to relax and just get ourselves ready for tomorrow.  Everyone is excited to just get on the ice and play, enough of the media and hype surrounding the game, it’s time to play!

getting ready

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Just a quick post here today before I head off to class and practice.  We are leaving for Logan right after practice today for Grand Rapids and getting in around 11 or so tonight.  The excitement has steadily been building all week long.  As a player you can really sense how important games are as they come closer just by those around you.  Everyone else gets a little extra excited but as players we have to make sure we are focused on the task at hand.  There have been a lot of extra media requests, ticket requests and everything that comes along with being in the NCAA Tournament.  We practice tomorrow afternoon so I’ll probably have another post tomorrow night to let you know how Grand Rapids is and the atmosphere surrounding the Midwest Regional.

The Big Red and other thoughts

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I’ve had some questions about Cornell and what I know about them.  In looking at their roster their are a number of players that I have played against in junior hockey back in British Columbia.  I also visited Cornell before I decided to come to Northeastern so I have met some of their seniors that are left from that time.  I don’t know their goalie, Ben Scrivens, but from all indications he has had a great season and will present a challenge to us.  As I said in my last post, Cornell is a defensive minded team that likes to capitalize on their opportunities, then hold on to their lead.  We have to get it in our heads now that we are going to have to work for every opportunity that we get.  We are leaving for Grand Rapids on Thursday night after practicing here.  All the guys are excited and I am impressed with the amount of Husky fans that seem to be making the trip out, that is some serious dedication.

I have also had some questions regarding what my plans are for the future.  To be honest, right now if I worried about the future I would be robbing myself and the team of the great opportunity that we have in front of us right now.  I’m focused on playing hockey for the Huskies and winning a NCAA championship.

That’s all for now I’m off to practice, talk to you later in the week.

off to grand rapids

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Well the field is set for the 2009 NCAA Men’s Hockey Tournament and the Huskies will be heading to Grand Rapids, Michigan to play the Cornell Big Red.  It was actually pretty exciting this morning down at the viewing party, lots of people showed up along with the media and it was a happy group.  I think this morning and the realization that we are in the tournament and have an opponent has taken the sting off friday nights game.  We don’t play till Saturday so we will have a full week of practice to get ready for Cornell.  Cornell is known for their defense and will present a tough opponent for us in round number one.  Joining us in Grand Rapids will be Notre Dame and Bemidji State, you can find the full NCAA bracket here.  I’ll be back with more thoughts later in the week.


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First of all my apologies for not writing over the last couple of days.  Lot’s of stuff going on with getting ready for the game yesterday and awards banquet on thursday night.  I was honored to win the player of the year award as well as being mentioned for the Hobey Baker, but I’m glad that some of my teammates were recognized as well for their accomplishments this season.  I also wanted to say thanks to all the readers that visit my blog, a couple of days ago I hit the 10,000 mark for hits so thanks! 

On to the game from last night.  What can you say really, up by a goal with a minute to go, take a too many men penalty, get scored on, then lose in overtime.  Just writing those words makes me feel sick.  I guess we were probably playing with fire when giving up a tying goal in the last minute for the second straight game and it came back to bite us last night.  It was definitely disappointing for us as players to come out and play the way we did last night in such a big game.  Give credit to Lowell for playing a great game, they kept coming and coming and never let up and were rewarded for their efforts.  It also stings a little extra when I look up in the stands yesterday and see so many Husky fans in the Garden, it really was a sight to see and to not give them something to cheer for was disappointing.  But we still have put ourselves in a position to play more hockey.  Tomorrow morning we will find out where and who we will be playing next weekend in the NCAA Tournament.  I think it is assured that we will be a #2 seed, it’s just a matter of finding out an opponent and location.  I think most people have us going out west to Grand Rapids or Minnesota but we’ll see.  For those on campus here there is a viewing party tomorrow at Stetson West at which I will be as well as some of the other players.  It should put some excitement back into everyone after this weekend. 

Thanks again for the support shown to us as a team this weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about the NCAA Tournament.

Brodeur sets the record

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Last night was a historic night in the NHL as New Jersey Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur broke Patrick Roy’s all time win’s record in getting his 552nd win over Chicago.  Brodeur is also only 3 shutouts away from the all time shutout record.  This achievement by Brodeur has sparked some debate as to who is the best goaltender of all time.  I can’t speak for the older generation of goaltenders such as Jacques Plante, Ken Dryden, Tony Esposito, who were all great goaltenders but I haven’t seen them play so I can’t compare them to today’s netminders.  I think in my generation it really only comes down to 2 guys, Brodeur and Roy.  Martin Brodeur is still only 36 years old and has the opportunity to put these records far out of reach.  Brodeur is a goaltender who does not play the typical butterfly style that goaltending has evolved into over the years.  He has done it with a sort of hybrid style of some butterfly, some stand up goaltending.  He has numerous accomplishments on his resume, vezina trophies, conn smythe trophies and stanley cups.  However, in my mind the one thing that goes against Brodeur when talking about who is the best is the team that he plays on.  The New Jersey Devils have historically been known for a defence first mentality, employing the trap system and smothering teams not allowing very many quality chances against.  This has been the benefit to Brodeur over the years.  On the other side of the debate is Patrick Roy.  Roy broke into the league in 1986 with the Montreal Canadiens winning a stanley cup.  He went on to win another one in Montreal before moving on to Colorado where he won 2 more.  Roy is known for his incredible intensity, confidence, and ability to step up in the big games.  He transformed the way the position is played with his introduction of the butterfly style.  In my opinion, I’m going with Patrick Roy as the best goaltender of all time, not only did he change the way the position is played but was able to put his team on his back at times and win them games.