In game routines

As I thought about my last post and read some of the comments I realized that I didn’t include any routines or rituals that I do during the actual game, which is just as important as going through a game-day routine.  I like to scrape up the crease a little bit before every period and as I responded to in a comment yesterday, the purpose of this is to make sure I’m not sliding all over the place.  When you slide on your pads on a clean sheet of ice it is a little easier to lose control then if there is a little snow accumulated to slow down your momentum.  Near the end of the national anthem, as some might have noticed I go into somewhat of a crouch and move my legs back and worth, some have called it “the thiessen wiggle.”  I think that started back in juniors and have just carried it through.  Before the start of every game and every period I also hit my posts, 3 times to each side and then the crossbar.  During all stoppages in play I can usually be seen skating outside the crease.  I don’t like to be standing still I like to be moving around.  During intermissions I will always take off the top half of my gear to air out and relax a bit before the next period.  Those are some of the things that I do during a game to help me stay focused on the task at hand.

I just got myself a new voice recorder and as part of an assignment I’m going to test it out later with an interview with one of my roommates most likely and hopefully have it up tomorrow as a podcast, we’ll see how it works.


One Response to “In game routines”

  1. I heard a rumor that you dip your feet in a dirty tub of disinfectant prior to entering the dressing room. How bizarre.

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