another sister kiss

As I mentioned after the first tie on friday night, a tie is like kissing your sister and so we did it twice on the weekend.  Great atmosphere at Matthews for this one.  All the guys were really excited to play in front of the home crowd and even when we skated out for warm-up there was a large contingent of fans already there chanting which was pretty cool.  Another playoff style game although this one featured numerous penalty calls.  It’s too bad that the teams couldn’t settle the game five on five but it is what it is and the game was a battle of the power plays, which oddly enough produced 0 goals.  While we didn’t win on the weekend the two ties enabled us to keep control of our own destiny when it comes to getting first place in Hockey East, so the last 4 games will be a battle.  It’s too bad spring break falls over this stretch as that will probably hurt attendance.  I’m thinking about writing about some game day rituals/routines that I like to do later in the week so look for that.

Also wanted to mention that during the second period I heard one member of the doghouse shouting “In the crease with Thiess” which gave me a good laugh and good to know at least one person is reading the blog.  Most players will try and tell you that they don’t hear the fans while they are playing, I think that is nonsense we hear what the fans have to say most of the time and it can be pretty funny.  I don’t like to get too strung up during games, I’m a little more relaxed, something I’ll go into in my next post but hearing stuff from the stands is always entertaining.


4 Responses to “another sister kiss”

  1. The shouting of the Blog name was from me and a few others in the BU sections. Even from the enemy’s perspective, the blog is pretty cool to check out. Keep it up, I’m sure we will see you down the stretch.

  2. Just wanted to say that the ridiculous save and the resulting 5 on 3 kill in the 2nd really sent Matthews into a frenzy…the loudest I’ve heard in some time. Great job this weekend, both games were extremely entertaining. Good luck against Lowell this weekend!

  3. Was at the game on Saturday night and I have to say that I saw wayyyy too many saves from you ;-). Couple of surefire goals I thought… and your leg or blocker comes out of nowhere. Hopefully we’ll be seeing the Huskies at the Garden.

  4. Great game Saturday, you had some spectacular saves. Keep up the blog, my friends and I real;y enjoy getting this unique insight on NU hockey

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