Deuces at Agganis

The game tonight definitely had a playoff feel to it.  Tight checking, low scoring, hard hitting hockey ended in a hard fought 2-2 tie.  I don’t know if you have heard the saying before but a tie is like kissing your sister according to some.  You don’t really know how to feel after a tie, both teams are kind of left hanging.  We were happy on one hand that we were able to battle back and get a point after being down by 2 and also felt we could have gotten that extra point.  And I’m sure they are feeling the same way.  So we will try and decide things tomorrow night in what is going to be an incredible atmosphere at Matthews.  That was the loudest I have heard Agganis before, the third period and ot had some sitting on pins and needles.  Looking forward to game 2 tomorrow night.

Home of the Terriers courtesy of wallyg/creative commons attribution license

Home of the Terriers courtesy of wallyg/creative commons attribution license


One Response to “Deuces at Agganis”

  1. chuck abbate Says:

    what can i tell ya’ man.they’re no.1, and you my friend have,along with your fellow teammates,done a remarkable job, along with coach cronin’s guidance turning this hockey program around.
    i was at the game last saturday w/my brother danny,who came in from western mass. he was down for the 2-2 vs. unh. he absoloutely loves matthews arena!it’s old,small and intimate.we had a bast at the game.dont get down about bu.personally ,i hate em’ more than the yankees,and we all know what the sox have done to that team over the past few years!!!

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