life on the road

One of the advantages of playing in Hockey East is less travel.  For us, we only have two trips, Maine and Vermont that are over 2 hours on the bus.  Compare that to teams in say the WCHA or CCHA where the travel is pretty extensive and the hours on the bus or plane get racked up pretty quickly.  I have a friend of mine who plays at Northern Michigan, Derek May, who frequently tells me of the 9 hour bus trip they might have to take on a given weekend to Notre Dame, Ohio, etc.  He also calls us out here in the east “soft” for complaining when we have to go four hours to Maine.  Anyways for some the less travel is welcomed, for others it takes away from the experience of being together as a team on the road.  Being on the road is generally a lot of fun, all that you have is your teammates and hockey and so a lot of fun can be had.  Winning on the road also adds to enjoyment, although losing that last game on a trip can make for a long ride home.

Our team this year has made a few trips besides the annual treks to Maine and Vermont.  We went to Anchorage at the start of the season, RPI for Thanksgiving, and Minnesota for Christmas.  The roommates are usually decided by defensive pairings, one of your linemates, or something along those lines.  For the past couple of years my roommate has been Greg Costa, and while he has been known to forget his toothbrush he is a good roommate.  On trips such as these we will always leave on Thursday and then practice when we get to wherever we are going.  Alaska was quite the experience, we left Boston at 8, got to Anchorage 10 hours later at 4 before rushing to the rink to practice.  Just a little jet lag involved their but we managed to get through that.  So after we practice we will go for dinner before heading back to the rooms for the night.  Some guys will order movies and everyone will congregate in a room to watch, others will bring laptops or just hang out.  On gameday we have a morning skate for 15-20 minutes just to get the legs going and get out of bed, I think if some guys had the choice they would lay in bed all day, getting up only to eat.  We eat pre-game meal at 1:30, watch some video on our opponents and then I usually take a nap at that time before the game.

When you have a team of guys all together at once there is going to be some games being played and there are a few that are universally practiced in the hockey world I think.  One would be the “leaner.”  This one takes place in the hotel and involves a garbage bin and water.  You fill up the garbage bin with water and gently lean it up on someones door at an angle, knock and run.  Then whoever opens the door gets a nice wave of water coming into their room.  I don’t think that this one has been attempted much this year with our team, everyone gets pretty smart and is careful when answering the door.  The other one that takes place in the hotel room is the “tornado.”  This one requires some inside help.  You have to get the room key from one of the roommates first of all, before going into their room and turning it upside down.  Probably the one that gets done the most often is at any meal.  One person will drop underneath the table with some sort of condiment, ketchup works best but you can also use salad dressing.  You have to let other people know whats going on so you can crawl around without people taking looks at you ruining the surprise.  So anyways you pick your target and dump the ketchup on the top of the shoe of the unsuspecting teammate.  You then crawl back to your table, sit down, and everyone hits their glass with their knives prompting everyone to look at their shoe.  This one always gets a good laugh.  Sometimes guys will convince someone to go under the table to get someone, then tell that person who is about to get the ketchup on the shoe who will take a glass of water and dump it on the crawler when they get close.  Matty Nareski our equipment manager has been at the center of this game this year both dishing it out and taking it.  The one with the ketchup on the shoe is always trying to find out who got them so they can exact some revenge.  The last game that goes on is on airplane trips.  When we get off the plane and wait for our bags, everyone who wants to be involved puts in a dollar, and whoever’s bag comes out first gets the pot.  It’s usually only 10-15 bucks but everyone loves to win so you take it.  For some reason everyone doesn’t want the goalies to play because they feel that the bigger bag always comes first, which is false because I have only one once.

Well hope you enjoyed that look into life on the road, next post will be on the big weekend coming up vs BU talk to you then.


2 Responses to “life on the road”

  1. Cool insight on the team, keep up the great posts Brad and good luck this weekend! Go Huskies!

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