Last of the Pot and B’s vs Sharks

I first of all just want to thank everyone for all their comments and reaction following the Beanpot.  I know a lot of people probably stumbled across this blog due to the Pot and hopefully you will keep coming back.  To get comments from Husky fans, Terrier fans, Eagle fans is great.  My intent is not for this to be just for those supporting NU but being able to give all fans a look at what goes on behind what you see on the ice for myself as a college hockey player.  Some of the comments regarding the Beanpot centered around what I felt about the atmosphere at the Garden monday night.  I’m not really one to look up in the stands and gander at the surroundings but when we lined up for the starting lineups on monday it was hard not to notice the electricity that was present in that rink.  It was a great experience that can only help us as the games increase in importance coming down the stretch in the battle for first place.  But that’s it for the Beanpot it’s time to move on and take something I’m calling the Mullins Center Monkey off our back on friday night.

I had the chance to be in the stands on Tuesday night back at the Garden for the battle of the two best teams in the NHL.  I am a big fan of hockey in general and anytime you have the two best teams in the league going at it it’s going to be a good night.  The rink was definitely buzzing before the game, not only was it the battle of the best but the return of Jumbo Joe Thornton to beantown.  Being from Vancouver and constantly hearing about how the Cam Neely trade was possibly the worst trade in Canucks history, I’d imagine the Joe Thornton trade ranks among them in Bruins trade history.  Anyways the game, for the first two periods lived up to its billing.  It was back and forth with lots of action with the Bruins holding a majority of the play in the first period, playing off the emotion of their rabid fans and took the 2-1 lead to the locker room.  I think the beginning of the second was the turning point in the game and where the more veteran Sharks showed their metal.  They were able to limit the damage in the first, kill off a 5 on 3 at the beginning of the second and from then on took it to the B’s.  Tim Thomas held the Bruins in the game with numerous great saves in the second but couldn’t hold them back in the third as the Sharks kept coming eventually knocking them off 5-2.  I think this game showed that while the Bruins are a great team, their inexperience might hurt them in the long run whereas a team like the Sharks who have been among the best for a few years now knows what it takes.


2 Responses to “Last of the Pot and B’s vs Sharks”

  1. The Bruins definitely need some work if they want to stick with the elite teams like San Jose and Detroit come playoff time.

    As a die hard Bruins/Husky fan, I see some resemblance in the two teams and where they’ve come from in recent years. Could this be the season both teams pull through and stick it to their elite counterparts? Hope so!

    Good luck, go hard the rest of the way. We’ll be cheering you on!

  2. Get that monkey off the back tonight. What scares me, is the teams in HE that have been quiet this year. Umass-Maine-UNH. Don’t let them bite you guys when everyone has been talking about BU and BC. You guys are making this a great year. I mean when i was in school in 97-02 matthews had 2000 people tops. When BC or BU came in it was almost a home game for them. Now to see the box score and see there is 4700 against Prov thats saying something. Keep it going.

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