moving on

I hope everyone enjoyed the game last night, it was a lot of fun to be a part of even though we were on the losing end.  The atmosphere generated by the fans at the Garden was probably unmatched on many levels.  While the result was not what we or Husky fans wanted the experience gained from the game can only help us.  BU is a great hockey team and are number one in the country for a reason.  The goals that we want to accomplish for the rest of the season, whether it be winning the hockey east regular season crown, the playoffs, or on in to the NCAA tournament will probably have to go through them.  That will not be the last time we play them in a meaningful game and I look forward to it.  Now it’s time to put the Beanpot behind us and look ahead, we are still in first place and for me coming in first place over the course of a full 27 games would mean more than winning 2 games in February.


13 Responses to “moving on”

  1. Hat’s off to the entire NU Hockey Team. Last night’s game, while heartbreaking will hopefully give NU the confidence to go out and win the Hockey East title and secure an NCAA Tournament invite. Brad…thanks for standing on your head these past two Mondays! As an alumni and hockey player I’m proud and excited about this team and future NU teams. We’re all proud of you….Go Huskies!

  2. L.A. Husky Fan Says:

    It’s good to see that the person most responsible for the success of the Huskies can put the Beanpot into proper perspective. If you can get your teammates behind you with that thinking, the Huskies can go all the way.

  3. Great Tourney, Brad. Keep up the solid effort. I’m looking forward to the rest of the season. Love the Blog.
    Go NU.

  4. Anyone who saw us play at BU earlier this year can attest to how much better you guys played last night. The home and home is bigger in the whole scheme of things. I think it said a lot that all of us fans stayed even when we fell behind late in the third. Everyone really believes in the team this year, best of luck from here on out.

  5. Keep your head in the game. Don’t let the team get down. Last year the loss put you in a slide. let BU have the Bean Pot. A Hockey East Championship will be a nice prize.

  6. Word, man.

    The Beanpot is fun, but it’s not a HEA title or the NCAA’s. Concentrate on home-ice, win at the Garden, go to the NCAA regionals, and you’ll have, by far, the most successful Husky season since before I was born.

  7. Hey,

    BU fan here, just wanted to say that you did a fantastic job. I thought it was a well-played game with back and forth, and absolutely a great atmosphere.

    Which leads me to a question for you: what did you make of the atmosphere? I’d love to hear your thoughts, feelings as the game wore on. It seems that the game went from slow in the first to bang-bang run-and-gun in the second before getting back to the (mostly) slow third period.

    And what did you make of the two fan sections going at it? Do you get a chance to hear what’s being said between the fans? And have you ever (possibly during commercial breaks) been in awe while on the ice looking up?

    I like the blog. Hope your head is feeling alright after the stick incident at the end of the second.

  8. Impressed BU Alum Says:

    I just wanted to say congratulations on a great showing at the Beanpot, and best of luck the rest of the way. I am very impressed with your approach to the game and the way your entire NU team is playing this season. Although I am a BU Alum and fan, I enjoy the healthy rivalry with NU, and love seeing the Huskies rise to the top this year. Keep that great attitude, and all the best in your future.

  9. Hopefully either Cro will discover a flaw to exploit in the BU trap or the boys wil execute his method better next weekend during the home & home. It took so long for the team to get into the BU zone successfully that confidence in their collective shooting ability seemed lost.

    Thanks for a true player/coach perspective on the loss last night. I feel exactly the same way about it. After never having experienced a Beanpot win in 16 years of playing and following the team, to me, the Beanpot has become just a midseason exhibition tournament tuneup in preperation for the race to the playoffs. I think many alumni who are a regular part of the crowd and not just the “Beanpot fanatics” feel the same way.

    Also, kudos to you in your offseason preparation for this year. Both your mental and physical developments are duly noted and thoroughly appreciated.

  10. […] the team remains in first place in conference (Brad Thiessen, who was the all-tournament goalie, has the right attitude about it), but you can now mark 21 complete years that the Huskies have gone without a victory in this […]

  11. candycanes99 Says:

    Extremely classy (no pun intended) to do this blog, you are a talented guy and it was a pleasure to watch. Even as a BU fan I felt genuine worry when you were down on the ice. The intensity from a fan is less important when potential injuries occur, glad to see that you were okay. The Huskies have the most determination I’ve seen out of them, good luck the rest of the way!

  12. hockeyfan89 Says:

    Though we didn’t win monday night, there’s still the hockey east championship and nationals. There is still more to come from this team, everyone feels it. It’s kind of contagious. I want to say thank you as a fan for making me so proud to be a part of this school.

    The same people are still rooting for you guys, and we’re not going anywhere. Believe that!

  13. Brad

    Great job on the blog and congratulations to you and the team on a great performance. Hope you get to meet the Terriers in the palyoffs and exact some revenge

    You might appreciate some photos of the finals



    vs Maine

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