michael phelps

Like I mentioned in an earlier post every once in a while we are given an assignment in class that we have to address in our blog.  This week the topic is Michael Phelps and our thoughts on the recent release of pictures of him smoking a marijuana joint.  Actually, the assignment has to do more with the pictures released and what is available to us all to view rather than the pot smoking.  We are in a day in age when everything seems to captured in video, audio, or picture.  This can have implications that may not factor in to people’s decision making when posting pictures on facebook for instance.  It used to be that only celebrities had to be careful about people snapping pictures off and finding themselves portrayed in an unflattering way the next day in the check out isle at the grocery store.  Today you log on to facebook or myspace and there you may be caught in a situation that might hurt or damage your reputation.  I’m sure that since the introduction of these websites there have been many relationships broken and people’s reputations tarnished as a result of a photo.  These types of tools can be used as great resources and a place to store and share memories that you want to be able to hold with you for the rest of your life, hopefully your experiences have been along these lines. 

I would also like to thank everyone who has been reading and those who have posted comments, I love the feedback!  I’ll do my best to post tomorrow during the day some of my thoughts for the game tomorrow night.


One Response to “michael phelps”

  1. Tony Dello Russo Says:


    I am a long time BC fan (more than 50 years). I wanted to tell you that your blog is a major plus c for college hockey and the image of a college hockey player. Please continue the xcellent work and know that a “dyed in the wool” BC fan awaits your next entry. Good luck in tonight’s Beanpot CHAMPIONSHIP. GO HUSKIES!!!

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