beanpot game one aftermath

First of all thanks to all the Husky fans who pretty much took over the Garden last night.  It was a lot of fun to play in front of all the Northeastern fans who finally had something to cheer about in the Beanpot.  I think all the guys were pretty nervous at the start.  At first we weren’t sure if we were going to have to wait for overtime in the first game with it being so close, we were all hoping someone score so we wouldn’t have to wait, which BU did.  There was a lot of nervous energy I would say on the team and we were able to take some of that off with a power play goal.  I, however, wasn’t able to get it off as I hadn’t faced a shot yet and wouldn’t you know the first one ended up going in.  But we bounced back with another goal and were able to go from there.  One incident everyone has asked me about was being run into by Bradford at the end of the second with Chisolm coming in to take care of him.  I don’t think he meant to do it on purpose, he is not that type of player but kudos to my roommate Chis for sticking up for me.  Having gone through two years and not winning that first game this was a special occasion for a lot of guys, especially the seniors who had gone three years without doing it.  However, all of that needs to go on the backburner now as 2 points is at stake friday night versus Merrimack and with BU on our heels they are a much needed two hockey east points. 

I have also had some questions when I am going to finish the top half of the rink rankings and I will definitely be back tomorrow with the conclusion of those for you, talk to you then!


2 Responses to “beanpot game one aftermath”

  1. […] night for the coveted title. Great job Nate! And kudos to two other classmates – Joey and Brad (his take here) who play on the winning […]

  2. Karen Davidson-Townley Says:

    I am an alumni of Northeastern and I have enjoyed reading your blog as it has brought back fond memories of my days playing field hockey at NU. When I was at NU the men’s hockey won the Beanpot twice. That’s how old I am. I have three sons that play hockey now (two Pee Wee’s and a Squirt) and we watched the first round of the Beanpot together. They were all very impressed with you. We just wanted to wish you and the rest of the team the best of luck next Monday night. The Beanpot need to back at NU, it’s been too long. We may be there in person watching, depending on the kid’s State Tournament schedule. We live in Vermont so the next time your up at Gutterson we’ll find the fan giving you hard time and take him out. 🙂

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