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I’m going to introduce a two-part blog post here today with the bottom half of my own personal rink rankings.  This is going to be a list of my favorite rinks that we play in Hockey East, along with some of the more notable rinks we have played in during my time at Northeastern.  A lot of factors go in to whether or not I like a rink.  Crowd plays a big role in it, I love playing in a visiting rink where there is a lot of energy and the fans get into it, especially when they get on the goalie, I love that.  Also whether or not I play well and we win there has a little something to do with it.  I will include our record in that rink over the past 3 years at the end of each recap.  So here goes #’s 15-8:

#15 – Schneider Arena Providence College – Definitely not one of my favorite rinks to play in.  Small crowds, small ice sheet, low ceiling, tough place to go play in, everything happens quickly in this rink.  I will say this if they were able to sell that rink out it would be extremely intimidating to play there the noise that could be created would be deafening.  Past 3 years 2-2-1

#14 – Lawler Arena Merrimack College – Much like Providence in that there are not many fans, very small and not a place that many players enjoy going to play at.  I did get my first career shutout here though.  Past 3 years 3-1

#13 – Tsongas Arena UMass Lowell – Lot of empty seats in this big rink making for a poor atmosphere although they do have great lighting which is always a plus in my books.  Also love the band at Lowell.  Past 3 years 2-2

#12 – Sullivan Arena Alaska Anchorage – Played here at the beginning of the season in their tournament and it’s not a bad place to play.  Not too many students were at the game which was disappointing but I think that would probably be different if it were a conference rival in town.  Past 3 years 1-1

#11 – TD Banknorth Garden – This is one that has the opportunity to move up on the list as every beanpot game we have played in the past two years as been at the 5 o’clock time slot which has left a lot of yellow and black seats left unattended at the home of the Bruins.  Like I said it could move up after the next two weeks.  Past 3 years 1-3

#10 –  Conte Forum Boston College – Made my first career start here and that was the only time that we have played there when there has been a significant student section.  The other times we have played there have been on Thanksgiving or on Spring Break when we played them in the playoffs 2 seasons ago, so I’ll cut them some slack on that aspect.  Did have two exciting overtime wins there last year.  Past 3 years 2-3

#9 – Kohl Center Wisconsin – Home of the Badger Classic Christmas tournament that we participated in last year.  A lot of us were hoping we would get to play Wisconsin but it never materialized leaving us to play in front of family and friends.  In staying and watching one of their games though the students were out in full force and create a special atmosphere in the 15,000 seat rink.  Past 3 years 2-0

#8 – Mullins Center UMass – Big olympic sized rink that I have always enjoyed playing on.  Students can get a little rowdy here I can remember 2 years ago there was a chant in reference to former captain Mike Morris’ mom.  They also have a nice big video screen on the ends which is a bonus feature.  Never won a game here but games have always been close.  Past 3 years 0-3

There you have the first half of my list of favorite rinks, I’m not sure when I will get to the next half in and around the game tomorrow night and beanpot monday but I’ll try and squeeze it in.


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