life of a college hockey player

One of my goals for this blog is to be able to give readers a sense of what it’s like to play hockey at the college level.  I often get questions pertaining to how we can go on road trips, practice, work out, and still have time to do school work on top of it all.  It is tough and unless you are good at budgeting your time it can all catch up to you pretty quick. 

A lot of the players will try and have a majority of their classes situated on the monday, wednesday, thursday rotation.  We tend to miss a lot of friday classes due to road trips and most guys don’t like classes on game day anyways.  So that means those three days are generally the longest days of the week.  For myself, a typical monday for me would be 3 classes from 9:15 to 1:25, team workout at 1:30, video at the rink a little after 2 and on the ice by 2:45.  Practice usually runs for an hour and a half and after practice stretching, extra video, etc. we usually get out of the rink by 5:30.  Then for some it’s off to study hall, others to the cafeteria for dinner, while others will go back to their rooms to make food.  The evening is supposed to be time for homework, but after a day like that it’s tough not to want to relax for a little while.  A lot of the guys on the team like to play xbox and NHL 09 is number one on the list of games.  Who the best player on the team is up for debate, I am not one to play so I can only go on what I hear that Kraemer and Ginand are the best.  I live with Driscoll, Kraemer, and Chisolm and Chis would not be happy if I didn’t mention the fact that he has beat both Ginand and Kraemer even though he doesn’t play that often.  Anyways a day like that will take a lot of energy out of you and after a few months it takes a toll on the body.  The key is to be able to budget your time and getting sufficient rest.  Monday is generally the toughest day of the week in terms of workouts and practice, we only workout on mondays and wednesdays.  Friday and Saturday are game days and then Sundays are our day off to recooperate and start it all over again.  When we go on road trips to places like Maine or Vermont we will leave on the Thursday for a Friday game, so we do miss some school.  Professor’s are always good with us missing class but it’s not easy to always have to catch up on work missed. 

That’s all for now talk to you later in the week.


4 Responses to “life of a college hockey player”

  1. Brad,

    Great blog, keep up the good work. Thanks for helping me out back when I wrote a blog on Northeastern hockey. Good luck with the upcoming games and I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on everything.

  2. Great blog. Look forward to further insights. Good Luck the rest of season

    Go NU!

  3. […] So this week, Brad, who is writing a behind-the-scenes blog about playing college hockey did a ranking of the rinks they play on and another on the juggle of school, sport and downtime. […]

  4. Huskiehockeyfan Says:

    Hi Brad ~ Great work on the blog! Since we heard about it we have been eagerly anticipating each post! Have been a fan of Northeastern Hockey since my son became a fan of Hockey East several years ago. We’ve attended many games over the past few years and have been rooting for the Huskies! This season has been AWESOME! We’ve been cheering the team on since October and are so excited ~ We are watching The Beanpot on television this year , but have tickets to the Hockey East Championship coming up in March! We are looking forward to cheering the team on in person at The Garden! Can’t wait! Until then ~ wishing you and the entire team our best for the remainder of the season! You have all worked so very hard! We’re cheering for The Huskies ~ See you at Matthews! GO N U!

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