weekend wrap

Big 4 point weekend for us as we beat Providence at home 6-3 on saturday night at Matthews.  Ryan Ginand registered a hat trick, you only get a small glimpse of what he can do with his hands in a game but he can do some impressive things with the puck.  You can hear the Doghouse buzz when he picks up behind the net and starts out on one of his end to end rushes.  Taking a look at the hockey east standings we are still in first place but there a few teams right on our heals who are playing extremely well right now in BU and Vermont.  Should be a great race till the end. 

On another note, did anyone catch the NHL All-Star game last night?  I watched the whole game, extremely slow paced game with not much effort being exerted but still a decent show for the fans.  I would prefer a baseball style all-star game where something was on the line, however hockey is more of a contact game with increased chance of injuries in a game where the players were giving it there all.  Alexei Kovalev was named MVP after scoring 2 beautiful breakaway goals along with the shootout winner as the Eastern Conference defeated the West 12-11.


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