inauguration of barack obama

A little off topic for today but a historic event is taking place in the inauguration of Barack Obama.  I’m sitting in class watching with everyone else on the big screen and I’ll give you some of my thoughts as the proceedings continue.

11:47 a.m. – this is my first time watching an American inauguration of a President, heck I’m from Canada and I’ve ever seen a Canadian inauguration before, do they have one?

11:48 a.m. – the guy doing the introductions of all the important people here makes it sounds like he is announcing the starting line-ups for the Super Bowl, “Starting at President, Barack H. Obama!”

11:52 a.m. – what is on Aretha Franklin’s head? that bow belongs on a present not on her head, interesting rendition of Let Freedom Reign

11:55 a.m. – it is a sight to see all those people gathered in one place to celebrate this historic event, impressive show of national pride

11:57 a.m. – and Joe Biden is sworn in looking very confident and having practiced the oath many times, I wonder if anyone has ever screwed it up

12:02 p.m. – listening to a composition of music by someone, nice job, Obama’s kids look like they are a little restless

12:03 p.m. – and the moment everyone is waiting for, he jumped the gun a little bit on that one, settle down Barack, and now he struggles a little bit to get the next part down, tough start but recovered nicely, I guess it does happen!

12:05 p.m. – and it’s over, here comes Barack to address the people

12:06 p.m. – I wish he would have started his address by poking fun at himself for getting through the oath

12:07 p.m. – very little applause when he thanks George W. I wonder what he is thinking at this moment, probably somewhere along the lines of “thank goodness I’m done when is the next flight to Texas?”

12:13 p.m. – Barack is giving a passionate and sometimes emphatic speech about what the country needs to do and on and on, Bill Clinton sighting on camera during the address, I should mention we are watching the MSNBC feed

12:19 p.m. – I’m not one to really keep tabs on politics or world events so everything Barack is talking about sounds good to me, the world should be a happy place by the time he is done

12:26 p.m. – the newly appointed President has just finished his speech, nicely done very Obama like speech.  Now we have a poet from Yale reciting a poem about new beginnings

12:29 p.m. – my interest has definitely gone downhill with the poet, we need some excitement those people are out there freezing and are stuck with a poem

12:39 p.m. – took a break in class to discuss some things but we could see everyone singing the national anthem.  I have been in a sports stadium with 18,000 people singing the Canadian national anthem and it is a special feeling, to have millions doing it at once would be something else.

And that’s all for me today, back to hockey talk later this week!


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